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-  according  to  a lot  of  studies was  made  by  ALPHAU Co. with  specialist expertise houses  in  this field ,  starting  from  the     design of  the  perfumes and package also  design  of  the  packing  materials .

Main  base  to  make  all  these , is finding  new  thing and  difference and  building on  the  history of  this  name and according to the  modern era and  suitability with the  consumers desires not  on our  Arabic area  but  round  the  world .

No  thing  more  sign for these  good results  which appeared in the  first  studies  for  ALPHAU perfume .

Constitution :

* since  thought  in  ALPHAU  constitution ,  was  take with  all  consideration the above  historical  givers ,  also  all  these  mixed  with group  of  the  perfumes and  western  smells  which  is  suitable   for  all desires .

Was  choice this  constitution  since early  life in difference  European countries and  it  met   large approval .


Design of  the  package  :


The design was made by  specialist  Company in  this  field with  consideration  of the  historical  importance and the modern  simple shape of  the  bottle which  it  was  taken  from European  moral which  is make  clear about  group  of the  beauty of constitution and  fantastic of  the  perfumes , the  cover  was  choice   from  the  natural  wood to  add historical  and  beauty mention and feeling  with  the natural  moral in  this  constitution , also  added  some  Arabic decorations (engravings) from the  natural  of  ALPHAU on  the cover ,  all  these  covered  by  the  eastern colors  starting  from the  progressive brown  color on the  bottle which  it clear for  the obscurity & magic  of  the  east with golden  touch was  taken  from the desert  sands  color ,  to  be  this  bottle  in  all of  it sign of mixing the  world  culture .



Will  Make  Three  Types  From  The  Stands :

Special  stand  for  the  commerce centers as  show  in  pictures


Special  stand  will  put  it on  veterans as  pictures :



Future  Products :

*  Attached  some   of  future  products  for  ALPHAU perfumes , here  we  will  se  the main change  for  the  thought and the  way of  dealing  with  the modern ideas . All  this will be symphonize  in the  modern  shapes as  in  the  pictures .