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Since year 1995 , the interesting of western perfumes was increased from the international companies , this interesting result of the importance of the perfumes market in the Arabic area , also this interesting of this type of the perfumes is desire from the companies to find new types and new smells and difference to compliance the desires of clients , which it increased after the modern world and new cultures ,which it made new markets for all goods round the world .

The Idea & Origin :

According to the new market givers , as we mentioned above , the idea of making new company interests & develops this type of perfumes in the suitable image to be suitable with this perfumes high quality and capability for competitive between the types of different perfumes , as known there was some trying but it not raised to the international level .

•So that the first establisher duty for this idea choice the suitable name for the mark which suitable with the subscribers desire in this Company .

• so that had been choice the ALPHAU name as a type of faithfulness for this name and according to the base of turn back for working with principles and basics .

Historical Mention about ALPHAU :

•ALPHAU is a historical city , it site on the edge of the western north of empty quarter. it is near about 700km for the south western of Riyadh city , this importance result it is the capital of Kindah historical country for five century .

•from its unique site , which connect between the north and south , which make from it very important station for the trading , result saving the water in it .

• the trading made a very important roll in life of this area people , they traded on the beans and & perfumes & textile & jewel stones and minerals , all this effected on the city buildings & markets & palaces and temples . this city was more important point for exchange the perfumes round the world and it could to transfer the culture of east in the perfumes to the western world and the opposite .


شعار الفاو مستوحى من تاريـخ المدينة العريق وأهميتها كنقطة تبادل تجاري